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It's not the destination - it's how you get there

DMS is a family run business with fully trained technicians and auto electricians.

Our Aim is to provide the highest level of service at a fair price to our customers.

We cover all aspects of vehicle maintenance from MOT and service to ADAS and electric engine repairs.

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Free of charge and completely user friendly our Unipartner app has been designed to manage all your motoring needs. The app will remind you of your key vehicle dates and provide you with useful information to help you maintain your car and stay legal on the road.
  • Key automated reminders directly to your smartphone including MOT, Service, Insurance and Tax reminders.
  • Useful vehicle information stored in one place. Key data relating to your tyres, engine, mileage, and registration date.
  • The ability to store multiple vehicles on the app – so you can manage all your vehicles from your smartphone, including those of your family.
  • The ability to book MOTs and Services with us directly, through the app.
Search UNIPARTNER in your app store now!

Leaders in ADAS Calibration

ADAS is a system that assist drivers in driving and parking functions.

ADAS systems use automated technology, such as sensors and cameras, to detect nearby obstacles.

ADAS Calibration

Specialists in 4 Wheel Alignment

There are plenty of benefits of having correct wheel alignment that make having regular alignment checks an obvious choice:

  • Reduced tyre wear – Misalignment is a major cause of premature tyre wear as more weight is being placed on one part of the tyre causing that area of the tread to wear faster. Over the years, a properly aligned car can add thousands of miles to tyre life.
  • Improved fuel consumption – Misalignment results in increased drag, otherwise known as rolling resistance, on the tyres which leads to an increase in fuel consumption. Correct wheel alignment along with the right tyre pressures minimises rolling resistance which improves fuel consumption.
  • Save money and the environment – By preventing premature tyre wear (and early tyre disposal) and improving vehicle fuel efficiency, correct wheel alignment means you’ll be spending less on new tyres and fuel while reducing your CO2 emissions. So you’ll have more money in your pocket, plus it helps the environment too!
  • Improved handling – Many handling problems can be corrected by four wheel alignment, giving you the driver a better and enjoyable driving experience.

Approved by the Bosch Network

Bosch Car Service – the right address for expert maintenance, repair and retrofitting. Here at DMS we enjoy all the support of Bosch, the leading supplier of original automotive equipment. With our unique abilities we can look after all makes of vehicle.

With our comprehensive range of services we can always offer our customers just what they need. We look after all makes of vehicle. Our full range of services are available for all types of engine as well – whether gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid.

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